Marford Farm

Marford Farm in Hertfordshire is a popular fishing spot managed by the Verulam Angling Club, offering a mile of riverbank along the River Lea.

Anglers can catch various fish such as Roach, Barbel, Carp, chub, perch, gudgeon, and dace.

The area has two sections, with the downstream area known as the ‘Long Walk’ being quieter.

It is essential to adhere to the fishing rules and regulations, as well as show

Marford Farm

Marford Farm, Hertfordshire, AL4 8UD

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Marford Farm

About Marford Farm

Marford Farm is a fishing spot in Hertfordshire near Wheathampstead. It has about one mile of river bank along the River Lea. The Verulam Angling Club controls this area. You can catch Roach, Barbel up to 10lb, Carp up to 15lb, chub up to 5lb, perch, gudgeon, and dace here.

There are two parts to the fishing spot. The section upstream is usually busy, while the downstream area called the ‘Long Walk’ is quieter. People have caught some big fish here in recent years.

Make sure to follow the rules in your rule book and on the fishery notice boards. You can only fish during certain times, and no night fishing is allowed. This is a popular fishing spot, so be respectful to others and the fish. Use the right gear and bring a weigh-mat with you.