Verulam Angling

Verulam Angling in Hertfordshire offers excellent fishing opportunities with deep water, stable temperatures, and a variety of fish including carp, pike, tench, roach, rudd, bream, skimmers, perch, and crucian carp.

The site has large carp and pike, with bream reaching over 10 pounds, making it a popular and productive fishing spot.

Verulam Angling

Verulam Angling, 220 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL4 0JY

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Verulam Angling

About Verulam Angling

Verulam Angling in Hertfordshire is a great place for fishing. The water here is deep, with some areas reaching over 30 feet deep. This means that the water temperature stays stable, even on cold days, making it a good spot for catching carp and other fish.

This fishing spot has been around for a while and has been fishing well in recent years. There are plenty of big carp here, with some weighing over 30 pounds. You can also find pike weighing over 20 pounds regularly. There are also tench weighing over 11 pounds and bags of fish weighing over 50 pounds.

If you’re interested in catching roach or rudd, you’re in luck! There are quality roach weighing over 2 pounds 8 ounces and rudd reaching the same size. Bream were stocked here in 1996 and now weigh over 10 pounds, usually caught by carp anglers using big pellet and boilies.

During Summer match matches, you can expect to find large shoals of skimmers and bream weighing around 3-4 pounds, with weights over 80 pounds recorded. Perch and sometimes crucian carp can also be found here, adding to the variety of fish you can catch.