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Dereham & District Angling Club
4 Cemetery Road, Dereham

NR19 2ET
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Fishery Information

Covid Update 2022

This private club fishery was also day ticket but since covid no day tickets are available until further notice, now only season ticket. The fishery is patrolled Regularly by Bailiffs and season tickets are always checked and  must have a photo of the ticket holder*  car registrations are checked*.  (The pond and old mans  are under re-development as of (2021/2022) as both waters were very weed infested. Hopefully they will remain  tench waters.) There are now some swims to aid disabled anglers, on Willow best to check.

The fishery has a proper toilet facility, parking is not a problem as you can park by your swim. There are three main lakes/old pits Willow, Grebe and Curly’s  depths can and do vary considerably. So best to check your swim depth* before setting up!. Willow is mainly bream, tench and rudd with other species, Grebe contains carp, bream and tench with a good head of roach also  pike in the winter. Curlys has bream, carp, rudd, roach, tench etc. pike in the winter.

These waters are natural waters and suit most methods of fishing, weed in the summer can be a problem especially on Curly’s, they are Not easy waters. Curly’s and Grebe are the larger pits. The river is not very wide fairly fast on this stretch and would suit for example trotting methods. Chub, roach, bream are caught with pike in the winter. You may need to cut a swim out for the river.

Please check the clubs web site for updates as matches do take place plus work parties operate and the fishery could be closed on certain dates. Please see club rules for information regarding dogs etc. The rules are strict and must be obeyed.


Welcome, Dereham and District Angling Club is an open club, set in the heart of rural Norfolk offering “traditional” angling in its mixed species fisheries to local and visiting anglers alike.

Established for over 60 years, the club welcomes members of all ages and abilities, whether an absolute novice or an established professional, we are more than happy to accomodate your angling needs.

Primarily a coarse angling club, we also have a small sea angling section, however there is currently no game angling facilities.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site and find it of interest. We would like to wish each and every one of you ‘tight lines’.


We ask every visitor to our fisheries to pay particular care to the way in which you treat other anglers, the environment and inparticular the welfare of the fish and other forms of wildlife.

We take great pride in being a family friendly club, accessible and welcoming to people of all ages, please help us to stay that way.


All fish caught from Dereham and District Angling Club waters must be returned to the water from which it was caught. Prosecutions will be persued against anyone breaking this regulation.

River Wensum


3/4 Mile stretch at Swanton Morley Fishery
2 Mile stretch at Castle Farm, Swanton Morley
River Stock

Close Season

Dereham and District Angling Club enforce a close season on the river between March 15th to June 15th inclusive, in line with Envronment Agency regulations.


Unfortunately at this time, there is no wheelchair access to the river and due to the nature of the bank it is unlikely that any can be created.

We would like to remind all anglers fishing the river to take caution if trying to access swims with thick undergrowth. The river bank may be soft underfoot in these places.

Swanton Morley Fishery

Year round fishing
Day ticket fishing
Season ticket fishing (day and night)
7ft (2.1m) height restricted entrance
Toilets on site

50 Acres of fishing grounds
3 Large Lakes (Willow, Grebe, Curly’s)
2 Small Lakes (Old Boys, The Pond)
Note: Old boys and Pond, members only, one rod, no night fishing.
3/4 mile stretch of River Wensum
Lake Stock
Roach in excess of 2lb
Bream to 15lb
Tench to 8lb
Perch to 3lb
Various Carp in excess of 15lb
Pike in excess of 20lb
Close Season

Currently the fishery is open all year round except for the river. Dereham and District Angling Club enforce a close season on the river between March 15th to June 15th inclusive, in line with Envronment Agency regulations.

Over 50 acres of gravel workings, split into two small and three large pits. Depth fluctuates between 3 and 20 feet and can vary within just a few feet, especially around the many bars and peninsulars.

There is a superb stock of roach, including specimens to over 2lb, an increasing head of bream to 15lb and a fine head of tench between 3lb and 8lb as well as perch (including the odd whopper), crucian carp, common carp and pike. Specimens over 25lb are taken most winters.

Also on site is a super three quater mile stretch of the River Wensum containing good roach, dace, chub and pike

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Eastern Daily Press 14/06/2000